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The Blink Dog

Woof! ... *Ninja vanish!*

Earlier today, someone joked on Twitter that "the new edition of D&D better have blink dogs!"

Prior to that post, I had never realized that the blink dog didn't exist in D&D 4E. Of course I remember it, and I've actually used it on more than one occasion. In 4E I actually created a similar creature in my campaign The Coming Dark, only it was a panther and not a dog. The fact that it didn't exist in 4E is, to be honest, quite surprising.

So in five minutes I created one.

I couldn't do a convincing conversion because in 3.5E the dog's Blink and Dimension Door abilities are free actions, which just doesn't fit in to the 4E mechanic. So I decided to make Dimension Door a move action (similar to the wizard's power of the same name) and the Blink ability a rechargeable minor action.

I haven't bothered doing additional lore on it, but as per the D20 SRD these little beasts are capable of communicating with each other using their own language which... well... sounds like dogs barking.

You are free to do with this as you wish. Suggestions are welcome on this one, and if you do decide to use it or modify it in some way I'd like to hear about it.

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  1. This speed of creation is one of the best parts about the 4e system. You could have put this together in the time it took all the players to have a bathroom or smoke break. I hope the speed on the DM side of the screen makes it into D&Dnext.

    • I do have to admit that MasterPlan 4E helped a lot… 🙂

      Once DnD Next comes out, I’m hoping to have the ability to create tools like MasterPlan, Monster Builder, Character Builder, etc… ahead of anything WotC does. I’d be really surprised if they have that sort of thing available upon launch.

      • I keep hoping this will be the edition they get their act together on the technology side of things, or at least not over promise on what they’re going to deliver.

  2. What are u talking about, u can have a blink dog animal companion in 4e for gods sake

    • Well then someone should update Wikipedia… 😛

      Actually, I’d checked the Compendium for creatures but not for companion, and I don’t know Heroes of the Feywild well enough to realize it was technically in there. And now that I see the entry, it just doesn’t feel the same as the monster of old.

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