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Welcome To the Wayside Inn

I have been working on getting my Wayside Inn map ready for publication as a map pack. For most people, this is kind of an easy thing, but I'm a bloody perfectionist sometimes... So I completely re-did the map for the third time, this time in 200 DPI so it doesn't look bad in full scale.

The first floor of the Wayside Inn clocks in at 26" x 28", which makes for a huge map (5200 x 5600, 197Mb) that Fireworks has a really hard time handling. On more than one occasion I've had Fireworks balk and say "screw you, I can't do this."

I've asked around what it would cost to put this on a glossy poster that allows for dry erase and I've gotten prices between $10 and $100 a copy, so I'm not sure about the possibility of printing this full scale on a single sheet. So for now, thanks to Newbie DM's suggestion, I'm using PosteRazor, which is a wonderful little tool that takes any image and cuts it up so you can print it and composite it yourself. That was something I was doing before, but this little app makes it so much easier!

The first floor includes:

  • The lobby, a massive room complete with nine tables, a fireplace, a 50' long bar and even a place for the Ethereal Bard!
  • Full kitchen with storage room.
  • Six double rooms.
  • The owner's sleeping quarters.
  • Staircase to second floor.
  • Numerous windows through which you can make a dramatic entrance or a quick exit.

The second floor includes:

  • Eleven double rooms.
  • One "deluxe" room with three beds.
  • A storage room.
  • A few windows through which you can jump out and fall to your death.

It's my favorite map from The Coming Dark, Chapter One: Into the Light, and also contains one of my favorite scenes.

But I do not want to publish just the map... I want to publish something that can be useful above and beyond that, something that DMs could drop in to a campaign with nominal effort. So I want to include detailed descriptions of everything, and possibly include several encounters, skill challenges, etc... that are not linked to a specific campaign and can be used by anyone.

Although my intention is to create a lot of generic descriptions, the content that is edition specific will not be limited to D&D 4e. I want Pathfinder, D&D 3.5e... even some older or alternate systems that I haven't thought of. I want it to be useful to anyone that needs an inn.

And let's face it... everyone needs an inn in their campaign at some point!

I'm curious to hear what some of you would make of such a place. I was tempted to ask for submissions or create a contest, but since this is going to be a retail product the financials of that could get somewhat complicated. But I'll tell you what... If you are eager enough to create a scene - be it an encounter, skill challenge, roleplaying situation, etc... - I would be more than happy to see it, and if it's cool enough I might ask you to include it in the final product.

Until I can work more on the internal content, I'll spend my time trying to come up with a cover page that doesn't look like crap.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Nice looking map!! I hope it comes out as a GameMasters map pack or something. I love those. I’d put something on back like a stables.