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Coming Soon: The Fortress of Dr. Neb

I may not have a single encounter written down on paper, but I figured I'd try to make the cover art. So here it is!

I've been debating what level to make it, so I figured I'd take it to the next level and start at level 2. That may change, though.

This module will be different than the last:

  • It's longer, spanning at least one level and possibly a bit of the next one.
  • It will have certain areas that don't follow the encounter-after-encounter style. Large areas with multiple wandering monsters that the players could take out selectively or accidentally get everything's attention all at once.
  • Possible use of vehicles. Don't know if I can work it in to the story yet.
  • A single "big evil overlord" - the fiendish and diabolical Dr. Neb - that's scheming, smart and wants you dead!
  • More zaniness than the last campaign!

During the development of the campaign I might be providing some teasers... Flex my advertising experience a bit. 🙂

And while I'm making this module, I've already considered my next encounter: a higher level (level 8-10) encounter centered around where it all started: the LHC. That one will probably be a big undertaking.

Stay tuned everybody!

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  1. That looks great. I’m looking forward to it.

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