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Quick Contest Update

Just wanted to let everyone know where things stood on our Heroes of Shadow contest.

Since Saturday I myself have been battling with a relapse of inner ear issues I've had since childhood, and as a result I'm getting hit quite often with massive amounts of dizziness and vertigo. So I have not been able to concentrate to the point where I can be a proper judge.

But, for what it's worth, all the contest entries have been printed and I've gone over them in the most basic of ways. I have quite a task ahead of me... Some of the entries are quite impressive, and it shows you all have put much more work than I would have thought. I even got a few Gamma World submissions, and I had to go back and check that I never mentioned what gaming system you should be using in the rules, so I'm accepting them even though that honestly wasn't my initial plan.

If I feel I cannot make a proper decision of a winner by this Friday, I will put myself on "injured reserve" and look for third party judges to make the decision on my behalf.

As a result of my delays, I'm debating whether to have more than one winner. Don't quote me on that...


On an unrelated note, I have published my Gamma World campaign "Fire From the Sky" through DriveThruRPG. There's also a free preview of a single encounter (link's currently broken due to technical issues on the site), if you're curious.

I'm looking for people to review it on blogs other than mine... If you're up to it let me know and I'll comp you a copy.

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